Metal Cutting, Welding and Fabrication

In early 2012, I started G&G Custom Metal Fab because I wanted something that would allow me to do work with small business or the individual person one on one. I liked the idea of providing a place that the guy next door might go when he needed to get that truly customized item.

My first major purchase was a CNC Plasma Cutting System. We also have welding equipment and other tools around the shop that allow us to cut, weld, form and shape your project exactly the way you want it. The CNC Plasma system allows us to be very creative and will cut metal into just about any two-dimensional shape that you can imagine with exacting and smooth results. This technology enables us to manufacture a multitude of items in small or large quantities. We have produced signs, wall art, lawn ornaments, automotive aftermarket parts and custom bumper kits for Jeeps to just name a few. I love the challenge of making “one of a kind” parts for people that can’t find them anywhere else.

I love working with metal and I love working with people. I think you’ll find that it shows in the products we produce

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Indoor Metal Signs
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PrarieHill (6)
GinasMetal SHM (5)
In Memoriam Signs
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IMG 6451
GinasMetal SHM (4)
GinasMetal SHM (7)
GinasMetal SHM (9)
GinasMetal SHM (5)
DeerBodyCorrugated (2)
GinasMetal SHM (11)
GinasMetal SHM (10)
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