Metal Cutting, Welding and Fabrication

Founded in early 2012, G&G Custom Metal Fab specializes in CNC Plasma Cutting. We do work for small businesses and individuals alike.
Our 5’x10′ CNC Plasma Cutting System paired with Hypertherm PowerMax85 is capable of cutting materials for signs, brackets, sheet metal parts.
Other fabrication and welding equipment allow us to cut, weld, form your project exactly the way you want it. The CNC Plasma system allows us to be very creative and will cut metal into just about any two-dimensional shape that you can imagine with exacting and smooth results. This technology enables us to manufacture a multitude of items in small or large quantities. We have produced signs, wall art, lawn ornaments and automotive aftermarket parts just name a few.

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CNC Metal Cutting, Welding and Fabrication